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Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish

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COVID-19 UPDATE (May 29): We have some good news from the Diocese that The number of Mass participants are increased to 25. So if anyone wants to attend either week day or weekend Masses, please contact Fr. Doss to add your name in the list of participants.  If we are going to get more people, we will be having  two Masses at 10 a.m and 11.30 am on Sundays with 25 people for each Mass


Pentecost Sunday

May 23/24 2020 Gospel & Homily

You are invited to pray:

May 16/17 2020 Homily

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May 9/10 Homily & Mothers Day Blessing

Consecration of our country to Mother Mary

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Our Mission Statement

We are a diverse, spirit-led Roman Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface. We welcome all to listen to the Word, to pray, and to know, love and serve the Lord. Our faith is centered on our regular celebration of the Eucharist.

As a family of God we seek to deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow as a faith community in a spirit of evangelization by engaging our members in works of ministry founded on prayer, faith formation, hospitality, social justice principles and acts of service.

Through spiritual, physical and financial resources, we are committed to promoting a strong and stable "family life" within our parish; as well as empowering, inspiring and mentoring our youth to become strong Christian adults who will witness and carry on the work of Jesus Christ in the church and in the world.

Submitted by the Parish Pastoral Council after deliberation and prayer.

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