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Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish

*Please note that starting the weekend of June 4 & 5, 2022 weekend Mass times are as follows:

Saturdays at 5 pm & Sundays at 10 am*

Renewal and Growth of our Parish - Survey Weekend May 14 & 15, 2022

**** Link to the online survey: **** https://forms.gle/LERf31Pi2MrSQ9kk7

With the support of our Pastor, Father Anthony, our Parish Pastoral Council has been meeting with members of the Diocesan Committee for the Renewal and Growth of our Parish. 

This weekend, May 14 & 15 is our Survey weekend.  We have had the opportunity to pray and reflect on the two questions and ponder what we wish to bring forward for the past few weeks.  You might be thinking that 5 minutes might not be enough time to complete the two questions. A solution could be to write something at home this week and bring it with you to Mass this week.  As well, the survey is available on our website so you can also complete it online

The survey will ask these two questions:

1. What do you like about Holy Redeemer Parish?

2. What changes or improvements would you like to see in our parish?

We will be collecting the surveys at every Mass for the next two weekends.  If you can’t make it to Mass and can’t do it online but still want to participate, you can bring the survey to the parish office during office hours, put it in the mailbox outside the main doors or put it in the offertory basket. 

After the survey responses have been submitted, the committee will analyze the data.  This will help determine the parish’s priorities and plan for the future.  Your responses are vital to the success of our endeavor. The Parish Pastoral Council hopes and prays that everyone in our parish will take the time to fill out the survey. From youth to seniors!   We really want every voice to be heard.  Thank you.  

We invite each parishioner to faithfully pray for our parish at this time.


Thank you Jesus,

for we have found a home in the Parish of Holy Redeemer.

It is here that we hope to learn, to grow,

to love, to share and renew our lives.

Send your Holy Spirit as we discern the path

that we must take that will lead us closer to you.

Help us to cherish and appreciate our brothers and sisters,

to offer our gifts and talents when needed, to pray,

to look after the sick and the needy and to welcome the stranger and the outcast.

Teach us to be patient, humble, gentle, and kind in the relationship that we build.

We entrust our parish family to your care and ask for your guidance as we strive

to bear witness to the gospel and build a vibrant loving parish.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

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