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Kid’s Corner

October 24, 2021  The 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 10:46-52

God gives us the gift of our five senses:  touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight.  Often we take these for granted and give them little thought.  Today we hear how a blind man named Bartimaeus begs Jesus to take pity on him and cure his blindness.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, today we pray for blind people everywhere and for those who help care for them.  Thank you for the gift of sight, which allows us to see the beauty of your world.

Activity:  With the help of a parent, blindfold yourself and try to eat a meal without be able to see where the food is on the plate. 

Check our the kids bulletin link below for some fun activities.


October 17, 2021  The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 10:35-45

James and John went to Jesus and ask an important favor.  They wanted Jesus to promise them a special place beside him in the kingdom of heaven.  Listen carefully to today’s Gospel to hear whether or not Jesus granted their wish.

Prayer: Jesus, teach us to be loving and caring and to think of other people before thinking of ourselves.

Activity:   Jesus told James and John not to argue.  Today, try to be nice and friendly to everyone and try not to argue.  Remember the words Jesus gave us, “Whatever you do to other, you do to me”. 

Check out Holy Heroes website for some fun activities.


October 10, 2021  The 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 10:17-30

Happy Thanksgiving.  In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells a young man what he must do if he wants to share everlasting life in the kingdom of God.

Prayer: Lord, you see and remember every act of kindness and generosity and store them in your heart.  Help me to store up my treasure in heaven, so that I can share everlasting life with you at the end of time.

Activity:  This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend.  Write down all the things that you are grateful for and at your thanksgiving dinner ask everyone what they are grateful for. 

October 3, 2021  The 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 10:2-16

Jesus loved to spend time with children, enjoying their laughter, talking to them and listening to what they had to say. They have always been just as important to him as grownups.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, friend of little children, you are always ready to listen to what we have to say.  As we become adults, help the special trust and friendship we share with your as children grow within us and draw us ever closer to you.

Activity:  Find a picture of Jesus with a bunch of children around him.  (If you can’t find one on the internet, draw a picture).  Put names of your friends, brothers and sisters besides all the children in the picture.  Jesus loves everyone especially little children.

September 26, 2021  The 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

Anyone who loves Jesus and acts in his name, is filled with the goodness of God.  Whatever our religion or race might be, God will see this goodness and reward us with his love.

Prayer: Let us pray that the spirit of God will work through our lives, so we can share Christ’s love with the world.

Activity: Jesus heals many people.  Today, remember to be good and help someone in need. In your evening prayers, thank Jesus for all the wonderful things that happened to you today and say sorry for all the things that you did that were unloving. 

September 19, 2021  The 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 9:30-37

Often we call people great when they are very successful, or rich and powerful.  Jesus explains that such things are not important to God.  He measures our greatness by our goodness and willingness to think of others before ourselves.

Prayer: Lord, sometimes I find it hard not to have things my own way…  To be expected to share and to put others first.  Help me to be generous and thoughtful as you would want me to be.

Activity:  Today, think of others first.  Be kind to your friends and family.  Listen and do good deeds for them all day.

September 12, 2021  The 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 8:27-35

Today we hear Jesus asking his followers a dfifficult question: “Who do you think I am?”  Listen carefully, and see which disciple gave the right answer.

Prayer:  We ask you, O Lord, to help us through difficult times when our troubles seem almost too much to bear.  Give us the strength to carry on and to always do our best.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Activity:  Draw a Cross and color it.  With the help of your mom or dad, pin it on your shirt and wear it for the whole day. Don't forget to view the Resources for Catholic Families websites.

September 5, 2021  The 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 7:31-37

Unless we know someone who is deaf, we take the gift of hearing for granted.  We never stop to imagine how different our lives would be if we could not hear.  Today we hear how one deaf man’s world would never be the same again.

Prayer:  Dear God, we thank you today for the gift of hearing.  Help us to listen to and appreciate all the wonderful sounds around us, and to pray for all those who only know the sound of silence.

Activity:  Thank the Lord for giving you the sense of hearing.  Go to the internet and research sign language.  Practice signing Thank you Lord.

June 27, 2021  The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 5:21-43

Jesus knew how precious life is: to be able to enjoy the sun and rain, to be able to love each other, and to be part of our world.  In today’s Gospel, we hear how Jesus used his power to raise a dead little girl back to life again.

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, today we pray for people who are sick in mind or body.  In your compassion and love, reach out and touch them with your healing power.  We pray that you will heal all our friends and relatives, especially those that we mention in our thoughts and words.

Activity:  Think about all the people you know that are sick.  Make a list and pray for them. 

June 20, 2021  The 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 4:35-41

The Sea of Galilee is really a large freshwater lask which is approximately 12 miles long and 8 miles wide.  Sometimes its calm blue waters are whipped into violent storms by sudden strong winds.  One night, as Jesus and his disciples were sailing across the sea, such a storm suddenly began to rage.

Prayer:  The Lord says:  Do not be afraid because I am always with you.  With me by your side you have nothing to fear.  I will protect you from harm and save you from danger.

Activity:  As a family, prepare a simple celebration meal and talk about what Jesus and his disciples would have talked about at the last supper.  Talk about how important Jesus is in your life.

Do not be Afraid Jesus is always with us

June 13, 2021  The 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 4:26-34

Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a little mustard seed, which grows from a tiny beginning into something great.

Prayer: Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy kingdom come,” and so we pray that the kingdom of God will grow in our daily lives as we say the Lord’s prayer.
“Our Father….”

Activity:  Summer is here. The flowers and trees are growing.  Look around and see the wonderful garden God has planted for all of us.  Let us enjoy and be glad that we can enjoy all the goodness God has put in our lives.

Parable about the Mustard Seed

June 6, 2021  The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ  Mark 14:12-16.22-26

What would happen if we had no food or anything to drink?  Together they keep us alive, and without their life giving nourishment we would die.  Jesus is the bread of life who shares himself with us in a special way during the Mass.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, you are the living bread which comes to each one of us in a special way.  Help me to share the joy of your love with others I meet.

Activity:  As a family, prepare a simple celebration meal and talk about what Jesus and his disciples would have talked about at the last supper.  Talk about how important Jesus is in your life.

Sing along with John and his friends
The Body and Blood of our Lord

May 30, 2021  The Most Holy Trinity  Matthew 28:16-20

God shares himself with us through the three persons of the Trinity.  We share the love of God the Father, the goodness of Jesus the Son, and the friendship of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer:  Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and every shall be world without end. Amen.

Activity:  As a family, pray the Apostles Creed or listen to John Burland’s song I believe.

John Burland and friends sing I believe
Sing along with John's friends
God loves everyone
The Holy Trinity
Watch how big the flames can get. Please don't do this without parent supervision

May 23, 2021 Pentecost Sunday John 20:19-23; OR John 15:26-27; 16:12-15

Today is Pentecost, which the Jews celebrated fifty days after the Passover.  Today we celebrate the birthday of the Church and hear how Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to the disciples, just as he had promised to do.

Prayer: Come, Holy Spirit, and fill our hearts with your love.  Work through us to bring Jesus to those who do not know him, so that we may share this love with others.

Activity:  Pentecost is the Church’s birthday.  Make a birthday card to yourself.  This card will be from the Holy Spirit.  Draw or write the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  They are:  Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel (Right Judgement), Fortitude (Courage), Knowledge, Piety (Reverence) and Fear of the Lord (Wonder & Awe). Draw a heart or star besides all your gifts that the Holy Spirit gave you.

Pentecost Sunday
Sing along to O Come Holy Spirit

May 16, 2021 the Ascension of the Lord  Mark 16:15-20

The time had come for Jesus to say goodbye to his friends and to return to his father in heaven.  They had work to do when he was gone, but through the Holy Spirit they would never feel afraid or alone.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, help us to remember that you are with us always and we need never be afraid. Help us to go out and do your work in this world until we see you again, when you come back to us at the end of time.

Activity: Do something good for someone.  Visit someone that is lonely or clean your room without your mom asking you. Help your dad with outdoor chores.

The Ascension of the Lord
Sing along with John and friends
Jesus wants us to go out in the world and do good things

May 9, 2021 Sixth Sunday of Easter John 15:9-17

Jesus loves each one of us so much that he died on the cross so we could share eternal life with him.  He asks us to be generous and to share this love with all of humankind.

Prayer:  Heavenly father, our hearts are brimming over with your love.  Help us to be generous and always ready to share this love with everyone we meet.

Activity: Draw a big heart on a page and write everyone names in the heart that you love.  Remember to say Happy Mother’s Day to your mom. Make a special card for your mom. Jesus loved his mother Mary and he is asking you to love your mom just as much as he loved his.

Sing along with Brother Francis
Celebrate God's Love as you sing along
Sing along with John and his friends
Are you a friend of Jesus?

May 2, 2021 Fifth Sunday of Easter John 15:1-8

A branch cannot live and produce fruit unless it is nourished by the tree or plant to which it is attached.  Today Jesus compares himself to a vine, and we are the brancehs which bear the fruits of his love.

Prayer:  Lord, fill us with your life and love so that we will produce much fruit and a rich harvest for your sake.

Activity: Draw a picture of a big tree and write Jesus on the trunk.  Write the names of all your family including your grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins.  On the bottom of the page write, “We are the branches”.

Jesus is the Vine

April 25, 2021 Fourth Sunday of Easter  John 10:11-18

Jesus takes care of us just as a good shepherd takes care of his sheep.  He knows each of us, and we know him and are glad to follow him wherever he leads.

Prayer:  Jesus, you are the Good Shepherd, and we are your flock.  Help us to know your voice and always follow you.

Activity: Download from Kids Bulletin website April 25 bulletin and help the Sheep find the Good Shepherd and stay away from the hungry wolf.

John 10: 1-18
The Good Shepherd Parable

April 18, 2021 Third Sunday of Easter  Luke 24:35-48

Jesus told his apostles to go out and tell the world that he had died and risen to new life.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, send us your spirit to give us the strength to live as you taught us.  Help us to bear witness to you by our actions and our words.

Activity: Jesus said to his disciples “Peace be with you”.  Find how many languages say the word peace.  The people of the world prefer peace to war and they deserve to have it.  Let us all pray for peace for all the world.  Find a story about peace and read it with your family.

Jesus Appears to His Disciples
Sing along with John Burland

April 11, 2021 Second Sunday of Easter  John 20:19 - 31

Sometimes people use the saying, “seeing is believing” to mean that it is easier to believe something when you have seen it with your own eyes than not.  Thomas would not believe that Jesus has risen from the dead without seeing it for himself.

Prayer:  Today we pray for those like Thomas, who cannot believe without seeing.  Increase their faith, Lord, and help them to recognize you in the people they meet everyday.

Activity: On a piece of paper, draw a cross. On the cross draw some pretty flowers and write on the cross, “We believe Jesus is Risen! Alleluia!”

Jesus Returns

April 4, 2021 Easter Sunday  John 20:1-9

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the fact that Jesus has risen from the dead and is alive.  As you walk into the church, you realize that something wonderful has happened.  A large bright candle shines out for all to see and the church is decoreated with beautiful flowers, a sign of new life.  Today, we will sing joyfully “Alleluia. Alleluia” as we thank God for Easter morning.

Prayer:  Jesus, we thank you for the joy of the resurrection, when you rose from the dead and were filled with new life.  Help us to remember that you suffered and died on the cross for us, so that one day we, too, will share with you the joy of everlasting life.

Activity: Make a beautiful banner that includes a lighted Easter Candle, flowers, the sun shining and words that say “Alleluia, Alleluia, Jesus is Alive and is Risen!”.

Jesus is Risen

March 28, 2021 Palm Sunday - The Lord's Passion - Mark 11:1-10 & Mark 14:1-15

The Jews were waiting for a king to lead them against the Romans and make them free again.  When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he was welcomed as this kng, but he came as a king of peace and not to bring war.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, we pray that your peace will spead throughout our world today and touch the lives of everyone.

Activity: Draw a picture of Jesus riding on a donkey and have the people watching him ride into the city, waving their palm branches and singing “Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord – the King of Israel!”

Songs for Palm Sunday
Story of Jesus riding in to Jerusalem

March 21, 2021 Fifth Sunday of Lent – John 12:20-33

After his triumphant ride into Jerusalem and before celebrating the Passover, Jesus spoke to his disciples about his approaching suffering and death.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, you willingly gave up your life so that you could share your everlasting life with all of mankind.  Thank you for your courage and love and for dying to save us all.

Activity: Draw a picture of the various stages of the development of a seed from its beginnings to its final harvest.  If you have a bean or pea seed and soil, plant a seed in the soil and watch it grow.

Parable of the Grain of Wheat

March 19, 2021 Saint Joseph, Husband of the Bless Virgin Mary, Patron of Canada

Today we celebrate a man that was the husband of Jesus’ mother Mary. Pope Francis recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church.  To mark the occasion, the Holy Father has proclaimed a “Year of Saint Joseph” from Dec 8, 2020 to Dec 8, 2021.

Saint Joseph is the patron saint of Canada, workers, fathers, travelers, unborn childre, immigrants and daying a happy death.  Much of Saint Joseph’s life comes from the Bible.  He was a carpenter who accepted that Jesus was the Son of God but treated him as his own son.  He moved his family to Nazareth to protect them.  Pope Francis describes Saint Joseph as a beloved father, a tender and loving father, an obedient father, an accepting father; a father who is creatively courageous, a working father, a father in the shadows.

Prayer: Oh, Saint Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I pace in you all my interests and desires. 

Activity: Look at picture of your family and look at pictures of the holy family.  How are they similar and how are they different.

The Feast of St Joseph

March 14, 2021 Fourth Sunday of Lent – John 3:14-21

This Sunday, while Jesus was in Jerusalem for the Passover celebration, one of the Pharisees, called Nicodemus, came to see him secretly one night.  Nicodemus believed in Jesus and wanted to know more about this extraordinary man.

Prayer:  Jesus, you are the light of the world.  You promised that if we stay close to you, we will never be lost in the darkness.  Help us to stay with you always.

Activity: Draw a picture of everything that brings light to the world.  Some examples are the sun, outdoor streetlights, lamps, flashlights, candles, fire, patio lights or Christmas lights, and fireworks. 

March 7, 2021 Third Sunday of Lent – John 2:13-25

This Sunday, Jesus said, “My father’s house is a house of prayer.” So when he came to the temple in Jerusalem and saw how people had pushed God to one side and allowed money and business to become more important he let them know he was very angry.

Prayer:  Let us pray for the family which has gathered here today in God’s house to celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection.

Activity: Think of all the times you were unloving to your friends, family and others.  Say a silent prayer asking Jesus to forgive you. 

Jesus clears the Temple
Jesus cleanses the Temple
Stations of the Cross

February 28, 2021 Second Sunday of Lent – Mark 9: 2-10

Today, Jesus brings Peter and James and John to a high mountain.  It was there that they seen Jesus transfigured and talking with Elijah and Moses. God spoke to the apostles saying” This is my Son, the Beloved, listen to him”. They were amazed and did not understand wahy rising from the dead could mean.

The first reading for this Sunday is about Trust. Abraham was a good man, and like Noah from last Sunday’s reading, he had complete faith and trust in God.  God put this trust to the test when he asked Abraham to kill his son Isaac. Genesis 22:1-13.

Prayer:  Lord, give us the faith and courage of Abraham to do whatever you might ask of us.  Make our trust and love for you grow stronger each day.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Activity: Watch a video on the Stations of the Cross on YouTube. Spend Lent with the saints this year. Research a couple of saints and let their lives inspire you to courage, service, surrender, and fidelity. They will help you, as you journey with your family and faith community, to grow with them in faith, hope and love. 

Abraham Trusted God
The Transfiguration of Jesus
The Stations of the Cross - Lego Style

February 21, 2021 First Sunday of Lent – Mark 1: 12-15

Today, we begin the season of Lent, a time to prepare our hearts for the new life which Jesus brings at Easter.  Lent lasts for forty days, just as Jesus spent forty days in the desert before going out to share the Good News.  It is a season of hope and new life, as days lengthen and spring approaches.

The first reading for this Sunday is about God speaking to Noah. God is making a covenant with Noah.  Genesis 9:8-15.

Prayer:  Lord, when we look at a rainbow, we are reminded of your promise to the world.  Help us to keep any promises we have made because of our love for you.

Activity: Watch a video on the Stations of the Cross on YouTube.  Participate in a Lent Calendar with your Family.  Draw 40 crosses.  Each day color one cross and while coloring say a prayer of thanksgiving.

February 17, 2021 Ash Wednesday Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18

Today is the first day of Lent.  We prepare ourselves to celebrate Easter.  Lent is a time to change of hearts and to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us.  We remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert being tempted by the devil.

Prayer:  Jesus, I thank you, I love you, and I want to spend the next 40 days with you.  Please continue to walk with me as I prepare myself for Easter.

Activity: Lent is an important season in our common life as a Church.  We use it as a time to become closer to God.  It is a time to remove distractions and to sharpen our focus so that we might better know God’s ways and become more loving in the world, and in our homes, far beyond the 40 days of Lent. You can do many different activities for lent.  I encourage you to check out the Loyola Press from our website (under Kids Corner) and search on the word Lent.  There is a Lent calendar for families, Stations of the Cross, Prayers for Lent; Helping Children understand Lent, Art and Faith, and Catechetical Activities for Lent.

What is Ash Wednesday?
Catholic Kids Media explaining Ash Wednesday
Stations of the Cross

February 14, 2021

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 1:40-45

Jesus never judged people by their appearance or paid any attention to what others thought of them.  Time and again he made tax collectors and other outcasts feel welcome and loved.  Today we hear how Jesus changed the life of a leper who asked for his help.

Prayer:  Jesus, just as the leper trusted in your love and compassion, we can too. Help all those who are suffering or ill, and touch them with your love so that their lives will be transformed.

Activity: Look at pictures of you from when you were a baby until today.  How have you changed on the outside and on the inside?  Write all the changes down on a piece of paper and go tell your family how you have changed for the better.

Jesus Cleanses a Leper

February 7, 2021

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 1:29-39

Jesus loves all people with a love so great that he died for us.  Throughout his life he showed this love by curing the sick and making tme to share with others.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, you are always ready to make time for others, especially those who come to you with worries or troubles.  Thank you for your love and goodness, and help me remember to make time to spend alone with you.

Activity: In thanksgiving to God for your family, say a prayer sometime during the day. It might be at mealtime (Bless us O Lord), first thing in the morning, at bedtime, or anytime during the day (“O Father” or “Hail Mary”).


January 31, 2021

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 1:21-28

Jesus called the first disciples to follow him, and they left everything and went with him.  Today each ofus is called to follow Jesus by sharing God’s love with everyone as he taught us to.

Prayer:  Jesus, help us to follow yo each day, so that in our own small way we can help to make our world a better place.

Activity: Check out some of the website on the Resources for Catholic Families. The Sunday Gospel Activities from CatholicMom.com has many activities for all ages. And of course there are more sites you can look at.


January 24, 2021

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time  Mark 1:14-20

Jesus called the first disciples to follow him, and they left everything and went with him.  Today each ofus is called to follow Jesus by sharing God’s love with everyone as he taught us to.

Prayer:  Jesus, help us to follow yo each day, so that in our own small way we can help to make our world a better place.

Activity: Check out some of the website on the Resources for Catholic Families. The Sunday Gospel Activities from CatholicMom.com has many activities for all ages. And of course there are more sites you can look at.

January 17, 2021

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time John 1:35-42

Some of the men who would become Christ’s apostles had been disciples of John the Baptist.  It was while they were with John, on the bankds of the river Jordan, that they first saw Jesus, the Lamb of God.

Prayer:  Andrew saw the Lamb of God and follwed him.  Help us to follow you every day, Lord, so that others will know that we are Christians and will follow you, too.

Activity:  Check out some of the website on the Resources for Catholic Families. Search of Lamb of God and “Catholic Icing” shows you how to draw a lamb; the Weekly Kids’ bulletin has puzzles, comics and a story about Jesus being the Lamb of God.  And there are more.

Jesus calling his first Disciples

January 10, 2021

The Baptism of the Lord  Mark 1:7-11

Jesus came from Galilee to the banks of the River Jordan to be baptized by John the Baptist.  As John was baptizing Jesus, the clouds parted and the Holy Spirit appeared as a dove and settled on Jesus.  Then a voice came from heave saying, “ You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”

Prayer:  Dear Jesus, as we begin our pray with the sign of the cross, it reminds us that through our baptism we belong to you and are children of God.  Let all who are baptized walk together in the light of Christ.

Activity:  With your family, look at pictures of your baptism and talk about it.  If you have your baptismal candle, light it and say the above prayer. 

John the Baptist baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River.

January 3, 2021

The Feast of the Epiphany - Matthew 2.1-12

The three wise men were not Jewish. They came from lands far to the East and were astrologers who used the starts to guide them on their journeys.  They also knew of the prophecies of an infant king to be born, a savior. Through them, his arrival was announced to the world.  Jesus, the savings Lord, has come not just for the Jewish people but for all people.

Prayer:  Like the three wise men, we are here today to worship you, Jesus.  We have not gold, but we give you our love.  We have no frankincense, we give you our prayers. We have no myrrh, so we give you ourselves. Amen.

Activity:   On the internet, research what of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh represented in Jesus’ time.  As a family, determine what the current Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh are for us today.

January 1, 2021

Mary, the Holy Mother of God

Gospel: Luke 2:16-21

Mary is a very special person.  She was chosen by God to be the mother ofhis son.  Her life was not easy and there were many sad times, but she believed that God loved her and would do what was best for her in the end.

Prayer:  Mary, help us to say “YES” to God as you did, even when it is not easy.  Now together, say the “Hail Mary.” The words of the first part of this prayer come from the Christmas story.  The second part is a pryer for the Church.

Activity:   On our website, there are several links that are good resources for Catholic Families. One example is from the Kids' Bulletin about Mary. Here is the link to that site. Enjoy!


Sing along while praying to Mary our Mother

December 27, 2020

The Holy Family – The Presentation of the Lord.

God sent his only son into the world to be born as a helpless baby. The Holy Family cherished and loved him until the time came for him to share his Good News with the world. When the time came for their purification according to the law of Moses, Mary and Joseph brought the child Jesus up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord. Simeon blessed them and said to his mother Mary, "This child is destined for the falling and the rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be opposed that the inner thoughts of many will be revealed."

Prayer:  Dear Lord Jesus, please bless our families. Help us to be loving and forgiving, and help each of us remember that we are all brothers and sisters in the one family of God.

Activity:   With family and friends, sing some of your favorite Christmas carols.  Talk about all your Christmas traditions. 

A video about when Mary and Joseph presented Jesus to the Lord according to the Jewish tradition.



December 25, 2020

Christmas Day – Jesus is born

Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem to register for the census ordered by Augustus.  The time came for Mary to have her baby and because there was no room in the Inn, he was born in a stable. She wrapped him in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger.

The sky was filled with the sound of angels singing “Glory to God in the highest, and peace to all people on earth!”  The shepherds hurried to Bethlehem and soon found the stable. 

Prayer:  Dear Lord Jesus, on this Christmas morning, may our hearts and our homes be filled with the peace and love you shared with the world.

Activity:   With family and friends, sing some of your favorite Christmas carols.

Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas.

May you all have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Stay Safe!

December 20, 2020

Fourth Sunday of Advent – I will do what God asks

Luke 1:26-38

Mary loved God so much that she was ready to do whatever He asked of her.  Trusting him completely and always ready to please Him, she agreed to become the mother of His son, Jesus.

Prayer:  Mary said “yes” to God’s messenger and became the mother of God. Let us ask for her help so that we, too, will always say “yes” to whatever God asks of us. Pray the Hail Mary.

Activity:  As you light the fourth candle, listen to a song about Mary our mother.  Before you go to bed, look into the sky, find a bright star, and pray the Hail Mary.  (Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.  Blessed are you among women and blessed in the fruit of your womb Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.)

Here is a beautiful song about Mary our Mother. Please search YouTube as there are many others. Enjoy.

Brother Francis’ video on the Star.

December 13, 2020

Third Sunday of Advent – Prepare a way to God

John 1:19-28

News of John the Baptist has spread throughout the land, and crowds of people were flocking to listen to him.  The leaders of the Jews decided to send some of their priest and elders to find out who this man really was.

John the Baptist answered using the words of the prophet Isaiah, “I am the voice crying out in the desert, prepare a way for the Lord!”  “I baptize you with water, but there is one you do not yet know, who stands among you, one who is coming after me.  I am not fit even to undo his sandals,” he said.

Prayer:  Dear God, give us the courage to change our hearts and make us grow strong in love and faith.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Activity:  As you light the third candle, ask your parents to tell you about your baptism. Through your baptism, you entered into God’s family and share in new and everlasting life. Remember that God loves you and want you to share that love to all around you.

Watch a video on Saint Nicholas and how he shared his kindness with others.

December 6, 2020

Second Sunday of Advent – Making a fresh start

Mark 1:1-8

God sent John the Baptist to prepare the people for the coming of his son.  The message he preached then is just as important today, as we prepare ourselves for the coming of our savior Jesus Christ.

The prophet Isaiah foretold that God would send a messenger to prepare the people for the Lord’s coming.  This messenger was John the Baptist, who appeared in the desert telling the people to be sorry for their sins and to make a fresh start in their lives.  Many people heard his message and came to be baptized as a sing of their change of heart.  John told them, “Someone is coming who is more powerful than me, and I am not good enough to undo the straps of his sandals.  I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

Prayer:  Heavenly father, help each of us to make a fresh start this Advent, to put right what is wrong, and to truly live as Jesus showed us.

Activity:  As you light your Second Advent candle, think of anything that needs to be put right in your life.  Ask God to forgive our sins so we can start anew knowing that He loves us very much.

Brother Francis’ 2nd Sunday of Advent.  Watch a short video on The Advent Wreath.

November 29, 2020 Happy New Year!

First Sunday of Advent – Be ready to welcome Jesus

Gospel reading:  Mark 13:32-37

Happy New Year!!!  Let us celebrate and be ready to welcome Jesus.  The word Advent means coming.  It is a time of waiting and expectation.  Only God knows when the second coming will be, but in today’s Gospel we are reminded that we must stay awake and be ready for Jesus when he returns at the end of time.

Jesus told his disciples: “Only my heavenly father knows when the Son of Man will return, so stay awake and be ready so that you will not be taken by surprise.  Like a man who goes on a journey and tells his servants to take care of his home, they must be prepared for his return at any time so that he will always find them ready to greet him.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, help us to live as you taught us, with our lives filled with love and goodness, so that we will be ready to greet you when you come again in glory.

Activity:  Set up your advent together as a family and as you light the first candle, discuss what you are going to do this season to prepare for the coming of Jesus. Examples could be reading from the bible, praying for those in need, welcoming Jesus into your heart.

A link from the Archdiocese of Toronto on all about the advent wreath.

Happy Advent.  How can you prepare for the coming of Jesus.

Brother Francis’ video on Jesus our Savior.

November 22, 2020

Feast of Christ the King – Matthew 25:31-46

Today is the last Sunday of the church’s year, the feast of Christ the King.  As the year draws to an end, we turn our thoughts to the time when Christ will return as king.

Today’s prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, watch over us and guide us.  Help us to remember that whatever we do to others, we do to you. Amen.


Draw some large, old fashion scales tilting heavily to one side.  On squares of paper, write down some loving and unloving actions.  Place them on the relevant side of the scales.  Add the caption, “Christ will weigh up our goodness.”

Here are some short videos about this week's gospel. Sit back and enjoy.

Sing along to We are the World.

November 15, 2020

Thirty Third Sunday – Matthew 25:14-30

When we love someone, we sometimes give a gift, something special for him or her to use and enjoy.  God has given talents to each one of us as a sign of His love; these are gifts from God.

Today’s prayer:

Heavenly father, we thank you for the talents, which you have given to each of us.  Whatever our gifts may be, teach us to use them wisely and for the good of others. Amen.


Discuss as a family, what each of you have as talents and how you use your talents to help others.

Sing along with Br. Francis as he sings about God’s Love

November 8, 2020

Thirty Second Sunday – Matthew 25:1-13

It is easy to be ready for something to happen when we know the day and time to expect it.  Today Jesus explains that we must always be ready for his return, even though no one knows when he will be coming.

Today’s prayer:

Lord Jesus, we know that one day you will return, and we will be with you in heaven.  Help us to make each day our best, so that we will always be ready to greet you when you come. Amen.


Discuss as a family, how can we each keep ourselves ready for when Jesus returns?  If we can live each day as well as possible and make each day our best, then we will always be ready to greet Jesus when he comes.  By trying to be good and to live as Jesus taught us, we will be like the wise bridesmaids who kept their lamps burning.

Two short videos about the parable of the ten bridesmaids. 

Sing along with Br. Francis. Jesus is the Light of the World.

November 1, 2020

The Solemnity of All Saints – Matthew 5:1-12

Today we remember all the saints who have dedicated their lives to Jesus.  Their love for Jesus was so great that they were ready to die for his sake.

Today’s prayer:

We ask the saints to pray for us today.  Give us warm and loving hearts and help us to do what Jesus wants us to do. Amen.


Think of three ordinary things, which you could do as an act of love for God, and draw a picture of yourself doing them.  Here are some examples:

          Helping at home with dinner cleanup.

          Praying for someone less fortunate than you.

          Having a smile on your face.

          Sharing your toys with someone else.

          Being kind to someone.

          Calling a grandparent to see how they are doing.

Sing along to "When the Saints Go Marching In".

A Short video on "All Saints Day for Kids of all ages".

A Short video on known and unknown Saints.

Father Mike talks about All Saints.

October 25, 2020

The Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Living Love

Jesus taught us to love God and to love each other more than anything else in our lives.

Today’s prayer:

Lord, I have only one life and shall not live this day again.  Help me to remember that everyone is my neighbor.  If I can do something good or show my kindness, then help me to do it today, for unless love is shared, it cannot grow.  Amen.

Sing along with Brother Francis as he sings about Jesus’ and God’s love.

October 18, 2020

The Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Give to God what belongs to God

Everything we have was given to us by God, who gives us love with unending generosity.  How often do we remember to say “thank you” or to return just a little of what we have been given?

Today’s prayer:
Father in heaven, I give you today, all that I think and do and say.  Fill me with grace and make me strong; with you at my side, I won’t go wrong. Amen.

Simple Activity for this week:
Can you think of one everyday thing, which you can offer to God as sign of your love for Him?  It could be tidying your room, spending time with someone, making someone smile, or saying a prayer.  Draw a picture of that event and call it “We offer our lives to God.”

Here are a short video on today’s gospel.


October 11, 2020

The Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Wedding Party

God gives each one of us an invitation to join him in his heavenly kingdom and the celebration of everlasting life. We must choose whether to accept the invitation or turn away from his loving offer. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today’s prayer:

Lord Jesus, you invite each one of us to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Help us to make the effort to do things God’s way, so that we can accept your offer and be ready to share in your glory at the end of time.  Amen.

Take a few minutes to watch a short video on Thanksgiving.  Sing along with Brother Francis as he sings about how he loves to Pray!

The month of October is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  October 7 is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  Sing along with Brother Francis as he sings the Hail Mary, Our Father and the Glory Be. Pray one decade of the rosary each day in the month October.  One “Our Father”; Ten “Hail Mary”; One “Glory Be”

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