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Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish

Advent Resources 2021

To give you various options, we tried to group things - click the different headings for resources that call out to you.

As you may be aware, Holy Redeemer parishioners are able to access resources from FORMED…free of charge … since the whole parish has a membership.

Some parishioners have expressed how much they appreciate it.

We encourage you to listen and reflect with the following sessions:

Advent - FORMED     

If you haven’t explored it yet, here is how to gain access to all of FORMED’s content, follow these simple steps:

• Go to https://signup.formed.org/
• Enter our parish’s area code R2G 0W5
• Enter your name and your email address

On the Spirituality of Advent       https://youtu.be/MAWnDA5cWD8

On the Advent Revolution           https://youtu.be/jz-l8rEIdEc

Advent: On Dreaming Big           https://youtu.be/ncgO5Jh0OyY

Advent: God’s Holy Mountain      https://youtu.be/ihqOKvPe_hA

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